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Creating the Courage to Conquer

Courage Counseling Center, LLC

Welcome to Courage!

Our mission is to guide you toward a meaningful, peaceful, and balanced existence while providing the courage to face your challenges and barriers. While we can’t change the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve the challenges of the present and build the future you envision.

We are all creating our own courageous path that provides each of us with lessons to be embraced. Rather than view our life experiences as mistakes and harshly judge ourselves, we are capable of using these lessons in a manner that will support our growth and bring balance into our lives.

We all embody wonderful strengths and gifts that make us who we are today. Unfortunately, life experiences cause us to doubt, judge, and question our true selves. This often results in great inner conflict that can be negatively expressed in our relationships with others. Finding the courage to face these conflicts is the true goal to our clinical practice.

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