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Courage Counseling Center


Courage Counselors will provide quality, cost-effective outpatient care for patients and families in a target population across the continuum of care by assuring access, providing assessments and coordinating clinical summary treatment plan determining level of care. Courage Counselors will assume a caseload providing an array of counseling services with direction supervision from a Licensed Courage Counselor or Clinical Director. We are a team of dynamic professionals who provide quality outcome based treatment to various populations through courageous techniques/interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Christian principles. We are committed to the empowerment and professional advancement to our entire team by providing a setting that allows professional and spiritual growth.


Our Approach

The company is named COURAGE because it takes courage to seek out therapy. We also need courage to trust a stranger to fully listen to us and treat our concerns with care and respect. Therapy can be both challenging and rewarding. We will help find solutions, discuss underlying issues, identify unrealistic expectations placed on you or the world around you, teach coping skills, and be an empathetic and therapeutic ear as you face challenges. We like to include and acknowledge all aspects of your belief systems, background, and culture.

​We work to create a counseling environment that is supportive, judgment free, and safe. Since you have taken the initiative to seek therapy, we offer flexible evening appointment days and times that fit your schedule and can get you in for an appointment the same week in most instances.​

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